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Olgie Reading Litttle Red Door
Olgie (Olga Kazakova) was born in a city near the Gulf of Baltica in Russia. She has traveled throughout the world since then, and currently lives in the Garden State, with a dream to continue her travels.

From early on Olgie has explored different angles in establishing herself as a diverse artist. Her artistic interests range from illustration all the way to photography, and farther. She loves to take on projects that she is unfamiliar,to master new concepts and techniques as a result.

Olgie's influences are drawn from symbolism, reality, and study. She enjoys exploring the world of dreams, fantasy, and storytelling. Her philosophy of art is that knowledge is a driving force of exploration and learning. After all, she's a Gemini, the always 'on the move' twin that wears two opposite masks. Masks that allow her to do whatever world challenges her to.

Olgie's recent focus is on exploration of linear language and singular color emphasis, something she became interested in during her studies both at Parsons School for Design and Montserrat College of Art. She believes that her work isn't about the displayed image; it is about the concept and the story behind it.

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